Friday, July 23, 2010

Things might be looking up.

Today was a pretty good day. Louie went in to have his airport assessment, he is a little over half way done in his process of joining TSA. Its a long process, and this seemed to be one of the big hurdles. And he passed! Everything! He has a few more steps, and then he'll be placed into a pool based on when he can train (which is whenever) and after about two months of training (which is paid) he'll get his badge! He is so excited, and I am so proud of him. This is going to be a great thing for our little family.

As for our unemployment, luckily congress passed that extensions are able to continue again! So apparently we should be getting paperwork in the mail soon. Thank God. We had no idea our regular claim would run out so fast, so this will be a God send.

For me, I am going back to school. One of our local community colleges has a medical transcribing program that I'm going to attempt. I say attempt, because it frightens me a bit! lol. I'm not sure if I'll be able to handle it. I feel like I can, but I want to try it out. I was originally looking at those online schools, but you have to pay thousands of dollars, and a friend of my moms who is a doctor says alot of places look down on those "schools" and don't hire people from there. Plus, it would be better for me to be able to take one class at a time at our local college, and if I absolutely CANNOT grasp it, then I have the ability to stop after the class is over, and not waste thousands of dollars. I applied for the school last night and am waiting for my student number to come in the mail so I can make an appointment with the counselor. I don't know if its an actual program I need to sign up for, or if I just take the required classes to get my certificate. I tried calling today, but of course, they were closed. I dont think classes start for another 3 or 4 weeks, so I should be ok. I know some medical transcribers can work for home, so thats my ultimate goal, after working in a hospital or doctors office for awhile. Theres nothing I want more than to be home with my child, and be a room mom, take and pick them up for school, and not have day care raise MY kids, so if this possibly can allow us to do that financially, then I'm willing to do it. I just hope my brain can absorb all the medical terms! lol. Eventually we won't be living here at this house, we'll move on, and buy our OWN home, which of course comes with a mortgage two or three times what we pay now. So we need to be prepared and save for that. And obviously my clerical/administrative skills I have now, aren't helping me that much since in 7 months I haven't been hired. This economy sucks so bad. BUT, I'm hoping things are starting to look up. I hope anyway!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Not good at blogging lately!

So Sorry! I've been terrible with blogging lately.

Well, I can't really recall anything huge happening since the last time I blogged. We did have my niece and nephews birthday party a couple weeks ago, that was a nice time. I have pictures, but they aren't on my computer yet. :-/

The only other thing that's happened is we lost our unemployment. We've only had it since the very end of January and it was totally unexpected. My claim was until December, SO, I expected that's how long we would have for unemployment. Well the money we were allotted for our claim has run out. Apparently what we would NORMALLY have to do is file an extension. Well, (and forgive me but I don't really know all this political mumbo jumbo) but basically congress has now passed something were NO ONE can file for an extension, and those who already were ON a extension were cut off. So yeah, we found this out pretty much the day we received our last checks. I was panicking. Thank the Lord for my parents, who said they'd help us but still. We have BILLS. So that day I went on a application rampage. I literally sat at my computer and applied for jobs for Louie and I for over 10 hours. For everything. Including retail. Which I have STAYED AWAY from this whole time. My skills are administrative, that's what I was going for. I got an interview on the 1st of July for a customer service job at a corporate office for a furniture company, the interview went GREAT (it was actually the only interview I ever did, I never did one for my last job) the man told me about 2 weeks if I moved on the customer service manager would call me, and I never got a call. So of course, now I got a call back for a retail job. I'm not complaining, because I need whatever I can get at the moment, I just never saw myself working retail, AND its only a part time position, which frightens me. Just of not knowing how much my checks will be if I get bad hours kind of thing. I've just been applying for administrative positions for almost 7 months now, and I got the ONE interview that didn't come through. Its so frustrating. Louie is hopefully getting a warehouse job. Doesn't pay a whole lot, but like for me, he'll take what he can get. I just hope we get SOMETHING SOON. I've never not worked, or had NO money coming in. So is scary. :-/