Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Updates, Changes and the Holiday Season.

Hey everyone!

So so sorry I have not been posting...like at all, on here. I really want to try to keep up on this more.

Is everyone ready for Christmas!? I can't believe its 19 days away!! I love this time of year. Although I have to say, I am so not a fan of these colored LED lights. They are so dark, and look like they are under a black light. Sooo many people have them now also (no offense if your one of them lol!) But personally, they don't look like Christmas to me at all. I will say though, I would rather someone have LED lights than none at all. :) But anyway, we have been all decorated for a few weeks now. Christmas seems to FLY by so pretty much a couple weeks after Halloween its Christmas time at our house.

This was my first year cooking Thanksgiving dinner! I had helped my mom a few years ago, but this year I was all on my own. I am happy to say it went off without ONE hitch. Everything turned out perfect! I was so relieved. We just had my parents over, and then went to my in laws that evening. It was a nice day.

Mid November was the midnight release of Breaking Dawn. Most of you probably know I'm a huge Twilight fan and not ashamed one bit about it :) A friend of mine rents out a screen in our local theater and sells the tickets privately to friends and friends of friends so we don't have to deal with the screaming crowds, and that was great. I had given a small Twilight novel wreath as a raffle prize which was fun, I got a lot of compliments on the wreath which was nice.

Late November Louie and I spent a few days in Monterey. We loved it, as usual. Its our favorite vacation spot. Unfortunately the hotel we stayed in was horrendous, and it did rain a little BUT, overall we had a great time.

Probably the biggest change to report on is my husband and I have decided to become vegetarian. I have ALWAYS wanted to, but it seemed to imitating to me. A friend of mine who is vegan sent me a speech that for whatever reason just made me have an epiphany. After sobbing my face off for a good hour while watching the speech I decided enough was enough and I was going to do this. My husband watched it later that evening, and he didn't sob like I did lol, BUT, he got extremely angry and he decided he wanted to do this as well. Basically, to summarize why we are doing this (because there is multiple reasons) is that the satisfaction my taste buds receive from the taste of meat is NOT worth the absolute suffering and horrible living conditions these innocent animals go through. Plain and simple. Like I said, there is multiple reasons behind this, but thats what I have been telling friends and family. Its interesting though how DEFENSIVE people get as soon as you tell them your vegetarian. And how absurd it is to them. I dont understand it at all. Ive never been so happy though, and we are eating SO much healthier now. Plus, so far it seems to be cheaper. Which is always nice. :) I absolutely recommend watching this speech, not trying to convert anyone, but if your willing to eat meat and dairy you should at least be willing to know the truth behind it. Just my opinion. :)

Youtube video- "The Best Speech You Will Ever Hear -Gary Yourofsky

So all in all, thats pretty much been what has been going on! Loving living at the ranch and riding my horse quite a bit. Work has been great for Louie. I've been getting some orders for more wreaths too which is also super great.

Pictures below from all events I talked about above :)....