Saturday, September 10, 2011


At the old house, we were living essentially in a mountain, full of critters and all kinds of bugs. So when I decided I wanted to try to grow some vegetables and fruits, I knew I would have to do it on my patio where most of the critters and bugs couldn't get to them. Unfortunately, did they didn't do that great, and because they were in pots, they couldn't grow to their full potential. So I ended up giving up on them. Now, at the new house we have a side area next to the house and the fence that would be perfect for a garden! I make a homemade pasta sauce and I had never tried using FRESH Roma tomato's instead of canned crushed tomatoes. This pasta week I tried it with some I bought from the store and it made such a difference to us. I also, like I've said in a past blog, want to start canning, and that calls for using fresh tomato's for the sauce so I pretty much did a small trial run and we loved it. So I decided to plant two Roma tomato plants, and two bell pepper plants. One green, and one yellow. Other than the plants its just all dirt back there. But I have plans to put some grass, and flowers back there, once I can tell that the plants will prosper. If they do well, I also want to plant some additional veggies/fruits and then we will start putting grass and make it more pretty over there. I hope they do well!