Thursday, September 2, 2010


So I haven't done too well with this now have I?

Lets see, well since I last blogged I was in the process of working at my DREAM location (The Queen Mary). After going 4 times, wasting almost 2 tanks of gas, I never got a call back. Discouraging FOR SURE. BUT, finding out how much gas and time it takes to get there, not to mention the pay wasn't that great, it probably ended up being for the best. But I am a little bummed. It would be amazing to work on the ship. Maybe down the road a better position there will pop up, if we live closer. Louie STILL hasn't heard from TSA. He finished all he has to do, and now its just the waiting game. He's so anxious and wants this so badly.

My birthday was a couple weeks ago! I had a great day. My family all drove down to my moms, and we went to lunch at my favorite restaurant. Before lunch though my parents surprised us all that they bought a new house! I LOVE IT! I'm so excited. My parents have a horse boarding facility, so they are renting the house to a client to take care of the every day duties like feeding and whatnot, so my parents now that my dad is retired have the ability to go on vacations and whatnot. My mom *of course* will still be there every day though. We have spent the past week helping them move. I love the house. Its great. I can't wait until they are settled and we can go spend a few days there. Fingers crossed my Dad caves and puts in a pool!! Wishful thinking lol.

My brother also moved in with us, he hasn't been here much so there isn't that much of an adjustment yet, the kids will be staying here about every other week (switching off with the soon to be ex wife), and I will be taking the kids to school and what not to help my brother out since he doesn't get home from work until 6:30ish. Theres been some issues because of my ex sister in law. But a public blog isn't really the place to get into ALL of that drama lol.

While the kids were here last week, they have the southern california disneyland annual passes, so they were blocked most of the summer. Well the past Monday their passes were finally good again so Louie and I decided to surprise them. We decided to tell them we had to run an errand first thing the next morning. Come monday morning they wanted to know where we were going. We decided to make up a cheesy story about how we have to go see an exterminator because we had a MOUSE problem. haha!! The kids were kinda interested hoping they would get to see some bugs and stuff, so about a block away from Disneyland Louie stopped to get some gas, he took the kids inside to get a drink, and while they were inside I set up the video camera on the dashboard so we could film their reaction. When they got back in Louie said "hey guys, maybe we should go ask the Mice's cousin what to do about the problem" and they asked who that was and Louie told them Mickey Mouse, and they laughed lol. So I asked Alyssa "Alyssa do you know what that means?" and she said "yeah cause of the mice" and I told her "No, that means we're going to Disneyland, we were never going to see an exterminator, we wanted to surprise you, we are on our way there right now!" and the look on her face was priceless, and she goes "RIGHT NOW?!...your the best aunt EVER!" It was adorable. We all had a great time. Of course it was like 100 degrees that day which wasn't fun but kids seem to not even notice the heat lol.

Other than that, things are kinda same old same old over here. :)