Tuesday, May 18, 2010


So 5 years ago when I was a senior in high school my psychology teacher has us write letters to ourselves that he would send 5 years later.

I recently got mine, and it was kinda sad. One of my best friends, Heather, got hers also, and we read them out loud together. Her's was way funnier than mine, she went all out and put pictures, things she liked and whatnot in it. I just had a letter. But it really made me think of how much fun (despite some things) we had together. We were best friends with another girl, who right after high school her and I had a falling out, over something SO STUPID. Lets just say it was over a guy, in a way, and it was just dumb. Things were misconstrued, and taken way out of proportion and everything just blew up. But this girl was one of my BEST FRIENDS. In the letter I had talked about how I knew the three of us would be friends our whole lives blah blah blah. Its sad. We had alot of fun. But in some way, so much damage was done, I think on both our sides, and I don't know if it can be repaired. I hoped it would, sometime in these past 5 years, but it just didn't. Plus then eventually I moved away, she moved to another state, she ended up moving back, but has since moved back there again. I had saw through a friends facebook she has one as well, but I just wonder if theres even a point anymore. For me there is, I would like to rekindle things, if it was possible, I just don't know if its possible on her end. I guess in a way I'm too afraid to find out. I just emailed my best friend for her opinion to see what she thinks. So we'll see. Just kinda makes me miss the old days. :-/

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Long Beach Day.

So this past Monday Louie and I decided to spend the day in Long Beach. We have year passes to the Aquarium of the Pacific, so we decided to stop their first. It wasn't TOO busy, which was nice. We hung out there for a few hours, and then decided to head across the bay to the Queen Mary, we hadn't been since last August for mine and my sister in laws birthday. It doesn't cost anything to go on the ship (unless you want to do the tours of course) so we got some yummy shakes (they are seriously the best ice cream shakes in the world, no joke) and walked around the ship a bit. We went by the chapel we were married in and noticed they totally updated it! New carpet, new art work, and alot of other stuff. Dangit! lol. It looked so nice. Oh well :) We spent about an hour or so there and headed home. It was a nice day. Here's some pictures:

Where our wedding reception was :)

Friday, May 7, 2010

Road trip?

Hubby and I have been wanting to take a road trip for awhile now, but with being laid off, we haven't really looked to much into taking one. But we were talking today, and we really would like to take one BEFORE we go back to work since we have the time! We just really need to budget as much as possible. Where we would love to go is to Bodie, CA. Its a ghost town in Northern California, I had gone back when I was in 5th grade, and I've always wanted to go back. Louie and I love "old west" and ghost town stuff, we enjoy going to Calico which is alot closer to us, and we've gone to Tombstone (which wasn't as awesome as I thought it was going to be lol). I looked on mapquest how long it would take us to drive to Bodie (6.5 hours) but the way it shows we would drive would be by the sequoia and Yosemite, and we've ALWAYS wanted to stop there as well. I'm really really hoping we can budget with this, and go up there. Even better I hope maybe I could talk my parents into going with us. My dad just retired in January and my mom doesn't work, so its the ONLY time we'll EVER have the time to go somewhere for the weekend or something. Hopefully I can talk them into it. If not, I really hope Louie and I can at least go. If any of you have budget tips for road trips PLEASE SHARE! =D

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Disneyland & Hats

So yesterday my best friend Amanda and I went to Disneyland. We both have annual passes, so after she got off work she came and picked me up. We got there around 12:00ish and decided to head over to Disneys California Adventure first to go on Toy Story Mania. SUCH A FUN RIDE! But it totally makes your arm tired lol. It was WAY hotter than we thought it would be too, so we decided to go into Disneyland get some lunch and people watch. We did that for probably around 3 hours haha. We got lunch at the Riverbelle Terrace near pirates of the Caribbean, and just sat there and talked and people watched. We did happen to see two infants (probably barely even a year old) choke. The first time the parents and grandparents rushed to help the baby, and she was ok, but the second time the mom fed him something, he started choking and she LAUGHED. He was ok, but it was just appalling. After a few hours of hanging out there we decided to head over to some shops. For whatever reason, for as long as I can remember, everywhere we go, we try on hats and take pictures. So of course, we did alot of that. We left shortly after that, and came home and Louie and I took her to our little local Thai restaurant for dinner. We LOVE Thai food, and she had never had it before. She liked it! So that was fun. Here's some pictures.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Church, Peaches and testing.

I remember talking about a few blogs back how I really wanted Louie and I to start going to church on a more regular basis. As in every Sunday :), and the past couple week's we've been going to the little church my Grandma went to for practically her whole life. We really enjoy going there. The pastor and his wife were at the hospital the day I was born, almost 23 years ago, so its like another family. It just makes me sad because today, including us, there was only 10 people in church. And everyone who goes are alot older, as was my Grandma, and even though I love them, it would be nice to meet some other people our age. Today after service our pastors wife invited us back to their house for lunch. We talked...and talked, it was really nice. She also told me about a church a little closer to our house that their children go to. She even had brought up they totally understand and would love for us to meet other people closer to our age, I looked up the church tonight, and its beautiful, so I'm thinking we might start going there, and maybe once a month or so go to our little church to see everyone. We are also meeting up with Donna (pastors wife) again for lunch Thursday, so I'm going to talk more about it with her also. She brought up today if I wanted to get baptized, and I told her I was really thinking about it because I had never been, so I'm really looking forward to talking more with her and our pastor about it.

Tomorrow my best friend Amanda and I are going to Disneyland. She is picking me up after she gets off work tomorrow morning and we're heading out there, hopefully it's not too busy. I'm so glad we both have passes! I'm finally getting to the point where I'm not completely depressed and mopey. What happened with Peaches is still very much a wound on my heart, and I miss her so much, BUT, I think getting out of the house, especially going to church has helped. It was so nice also our pastor and the vets office sent us cards. It was so nice of them. I still haven't moved her dog bowl or any of her things. Her collar is still in the bag the vet sent us home with. It's weird because, there are things we were planning on doing with the dogs, for example, our little local park plays music once a week for the summer. So we were so excited to bring the dogs with us this year, and have a picnic dinner there and whatnot, and now its kinda bittersweet because Peaches isn't here. Yes, we can still take Chloe, and I'm sure we WILL, but I almost feel guilty. Like, I don't want let her do anything Peaches didn't get to do. I know it might sound silly, but I just have that feeling. I know in time that will probably (hopefully) fade as well.

I'm not sure if I mentioned it, but the test I took a few weeks back for the school district job, I passed! Which is great! BUT, I still have 2 more tests to pass until I would get an interview. So Tuesday is my second test. Instead of the paper saying to allow 2 hours to take the test, it says to allow only an hour, so that sounds like the test is a little smaller, I'm just nervous whats on the test because I have NO IDEA, just like I didn't for the last one. Hopefully I'll do ok though. Wish me luck!