Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Please watch.

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Not too much has been going on lately, but I decided to make a quick update. Last Sunday night, I headed down to LA. Monday morning at 6am Summit Entertainment was giving wrist bands for the Eclipse premiere. I wanted to go but for a while figured I couldn't do it because I couldn't afford to be away from home for 4 days. But then they had released info that as long as you got your wrist band, that was what held your spot and could leave until the premiere. So I had planned on stay through Sunday night, get my wrist band Monday and come back Wednesday night. Well, I meet the girls at a restaurant in LA, then after being told 5 different things on where we could line up UNTIL the morning, we get our spot and by 6am we start getting escorted to where we need to go to get the wrist bands, as we are getting them I find out, you CANNOT leave. Only for few hours at a time, and that they were doing random checks and if you missed a certain amount of checks your wrist band number was voided. Well after some other obligations and other drama, I didn't get to go. I was a little peeved, because of the rules being posted and being changed and that I had been waiting in LA for 10 hours before finding this out, let alone the money, and gas I wasted. But oh well. Thursday was the premiere but it was also the same day my best friend got her first apartment, her and her boyfriend moved into the same complex Louie and I got our first apartment in, and I really wanted to be there to help her move. I stayed at my moms since she lives closer to the complex than our house, and I went back Friday to help her some more. Only about half of the apartment got done until I had to go home, so I'm excited to go back once its all done and see it. ALREADY without it being done its so cute. I took some pictures, but I have put them on my computer yet so I'll have to post them later. After leaving there Friday I went and picked up Louies sisters. They had asked to come over and it worked out perfectly because Amandas apartment was literally 10 minutes away. So we've been spending the weekend with them, just hanging out, and watching True Blood. Which I better get back to because they are yelling at me to come back! lol.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Some more pictures from the Eclipse screening.

Kaleb Nation and I :)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Eclipse Screening.

Tonight was the screening of Eclipse. It was amazing. I was so lucky that along with getting picked, alot of my friends did as well. In the afternoon we met up with them at California Pizza Kitchen, and from there headed over to the Chinese Theater. Once we got in, we all sat down ( guys sat right behind us also!), and the movie was supposed to start at 7:00pm. As we were waiting, Kaleb Nation ( and author of Bran Hambric) comes over to a few of my friends I was there with that he knew. WELL, my wonderful friends knew how much I was hoping to see him, because I just love the guy, hes adorable, SO, they call him over, I was too embarrassed to look over there because I KNEW what they were doing, and he walks over, climbs over the rail to give me a hug, I could have died. We were both blushing hahaha. I told him I knew they would do this to me lol. It was worth all the embarrassment though ;). Well 7:20 rolls around and alot of random people started coming in, and security counting how many random empty seats there were. There was also alot of people walking around with head sets, and lots of cables, it seemed like something was up, BUT at the same time, I didn't want to get my hopes up. Across the street at Jimmy Kimmel, Taylor Kristen and Rob were filming their Twilight special (that airs the 23rd of this month). SO, the movie finally starts, after about 10-15 minutes, the screen goes black, then a guy who works for the theater comes out and says the were having some technical difficulties and to hold on. THEN, Jimmy Kimmel's face pops up on the screen, I would love to tell you what he said, but I couldn't hear over the screams, especially when it panned out and the Holy Trio was sitting there saying hello to us =D I do remember Jimmy saying something about an on screen kiss, and Kristen who was sitting in between of Taylor and Rob, pushes their heads together, it was funny. THEN, in walks Xaiver Samuel (who plays Riley), Peter Facinelli (who plays Carlisle), Bryce Dallas Howard (who plays Victoria) and Dakota Fanning (who plays Jane). Again, I think they said something, but the screams were deafening. They left pretty quickly but it was amazing to see them in person. So then they started the movie over from the beginning, which was nice because we were all so "oh my gosh, what just happened" haha, and let me just tell you. Perfection. Melissa Rosenberg and David Slade did an amazing job. Don't get me wrong, I loved the other movies too, but, you just finally got the LOVE story finally, you really felt it. The action was amazing, just everything was great. Once the movie ended, we all hung out in the lobby a bit, I got a picture with Kaleb, and some group shots. We couldn't bring our cameras or phones in, so I don't have all the pictures yet since they were from some other peoples cameras they had gotten, so I'll have to post those later. Afterwards we went to Starbucks, talked for awhile and headed home. It was so much fun. One of the best nights. Of course, because of my wonderful luck, I got super sick on the way home, but finally (at almost 4am) I feel much better, just completely awake. Of course. :)

All of us with Kaleb Nation!

Thursday, June 10, 2010


So the other day I was busy cleaning, and I got a facebook alert. As I was checking my facebook on my phone, I saw a fellow Twilight fan posted a link about Summit doing an early screening of Eclipse! They gave a certain amount of seats I guess to some fansites. So I emailed my info to who was in charge, totally not expecting anything. A few days later, I was hanging out with the hubby, and I had slept horrible the night before and I ended up falling asleep on the couch for about an hour, I heard my phone go off that I had gotten an email, and I GOT IN! I couldn't believe it. Not only did I get in, but a bunch of my friends did also! So perfect! The screening is this upcoming Monday. I am beyond excited!!! Eclipse is my favorite book out of the four, so its the movie I've been most looking forward to :)

Fun little survey :)

I saw this questionnaire on a friends blog, so I thought I'd do it :)

1. Where did you meet?
Well, we met through a friends friend, we met at the mall. Hey, I was 14, thats where you went to hang out ;)

2. How long did you date before you were married?
Well, we basically started dating the day we met, so in December 2001 we started talking, January 2002 we offically became a couple, and October 2006 we were married.

3. How long have you been married?
4 years this Octber!

4. What does he do that surprises you?
Little cute things he does. Like, a random breakfast in bed, or flowers.

5. What is your favorite feature of his?
Honestly, I love his butt. haha! BUT, I do love his eyes.

6. What is your favorite quality of his?
His self-less ness, all that he does for me that he doesn't have to. I'm very lucky.

7. Does he have a nickname for you?
Not really, I've never really had nicknames from anyone.

8. What is his favorite color?
I don't think he has one, it used to be green though.

9. What is his favorite food?
Mexican, but when I just asked him he said "anything you make" awwww.

10. What is his favorite sport?
He's not TOO into sports. But he does like football and baseball.

11. When and where was your first kiss?
Umm, I would say our first real kiss was on Valentines Day 2002.

12. What are your favorite things to do as a couple?
Make dinner together, relax on the couch and watch TV, go to Disneyland.

13. Do you have children?
Not yet, We are trying!

14. Does he have a hidden talent?
Not that I can think of at the moment.

15. How old is he?

16. Who said, "I love you" first?
He did of course. Saying goodnight on the phone one night.

17. What is his favorite type of music?

18. What do you admire most about him?
I believe I answered this already.

19. Do you think he will read this?
Nope, I dont even think he would know how to get on here. Even though I have it tabbed. lol.

20. What color are his eyes?

Friday, June 4, 2010

Lunch with an old friend.

Sorry I've been HORRIBLE at bloggin lately. :(

But I'm making one now! ;)

So yesterday one of my old high school best friends called me, we hadn't seen in other in YEARS and wanted to know if I wanted to get together for lunch today. So we met at Olive Garden (best salad everrrr). Turns out, her boyfriends job is moving to Nashville, so they'll be moving out there in August! :( Of course, now we are super bummed that we haven't kept in touch very well all these years and now shes moving. So we said we HAD to get together a few more times before she left. She was so sweet, and brought me a little pot with some flowers and a card. I missed her so much! We sat there for hours talking, and realized we should probably leave, and talked in the car for about another hour or two. It was a nice day. :)