Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Cupcake Crisis Averted!...Kinda

So, about a week ago I was house sitting for my parents who were on a little vacation. While I was there, it was my best friends boyfriends birthday. So, I invited them to come over and I would make cupcakes and whatnot. Well, last year my parents had bought this house, but my mother needed A LOT of new kitchen items so during the move, we tossed a bunch of things and went to Bed Bath and Beyond to buy replacements. So, back to the story. The night before my husband (who drove down to spend the weekend with me there) and I went to the store to get the items for the cupcakes. He picked out the frosting, and I totally forgot, that I can only pipe the frosting the way I like to with the WHIPPED version. The other ones are too thick. So the day comes and I go to make the cupcakes, and no muffin pans. We TORE the kitchen apart. I called my mom, her and my dad both SWORE they had some. Nope. Not one. Well, I didn't want to just bake a sheet cake, spread some frosting on and give it to him. That's plain...and boring. So I looked in her pantry to find something I could possibly decorate the sheet cake with, and all she had was hot pink sprinkles. Hm, not so good for the tough cowboyish guy coming over! But she did have foil cupcake liners. Ok..so we thought MAYBE it might work if we set the cupcake liners IN the cake pan. My husband rolled foil into balls to stick in between all the cupcakes in case when they baked the liner wouldn't stand up. So I filled the cupcake liners and hoped for the best. Surprisingly it actually WORKED! Well, sorta. They weren't perfectly round cupcakes, but cupcakes none the less. Then when I went put the frosting in the bag to pipe the cupcakes, I then realized we bought the wrong frosting. SO, I wasn't able to frost them the way I wanted to. I needed SOMETHING else to go on the cupcakes, they were too plain. Again, I couldn't use the hot pink sprinkles, so my only option was to mix some milk with powdered sugar and drizzle it over the cupcakes. Crisis number 2, averted! They weren't exactly the way I wanted them to turn out. But they were yummy anyway.

SO, now you know, if you are ever in a situation like I was with no muffin pans, you just can make your own! ;)

Sorry I forgot to take a picture of them frosted! Oops!

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